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Matt's Seahawks 09-10 breakdown

Well, its late August, and the hawks are finshing up their pre season. Thus far, their looking petty damn good, 3 - 0 thus far in the preaseason, going up against a stuggling oakland Raiders team next week, just being beaten by 35 points by New Orleansg a. Now, as usual, Im going to give you an in depth prediction and thoughts about the Hawks 09-10 team.

Starting with players I think will make a big impact, and players that are expected to make an impact.

starting with.....

Matt Hasselbck
6-4 225 lbs
Matt has looked pretty good thus far this preseason, leading a 3 - 0 Hawks preseaon team, Completing the majority of his passes so far this season, hes looking good and comfortable in the pocket, for just last game against KC, he completed 19 of 25 passes for 216 yards and 2 touchdowns, and having played for 3 quarters before Seneca took over. Did a great job finding ope recievers as always, and threw accurate passes for lots of first downs, having completed 8 of 13 3rd down opportunities. look to see Matt having a good year, splitting time with Seneca Wallace, not having a pro bow year, but still throwing accurate passes for good yardage, classic Matt.

Julius Jones
5-10 208 lbs

Jones is still the No. 1 running back despite the signing of Edgerrin James, and he looked fantastic in the preseason game against KC, I see him splitting time with Edge and Forsett, and doing great with screens, up the middl runs and tosses, look for him to be a key RB, and possibly one of the best runners in the NFC west conf.

T.J Houshmanzadeh
6-2 203

Traded in from the Bengals, the hawks nabbed this reciever, look for him to be a key asset in Matt's passing game, along with Nate Burleson and Deion Branch, hopefully, he's the boost the hawks need for their recievers, and is bound to take a lot of pressure off Matt. He seemed to be comfortable taking quick passes from Matt, and has what it takes to get into the endzone. I see a lot of TD's for this guy.

Aaron Curry
6-2 254 lbs

Not getting a lot of PT this preseason, the fourth overall pick looked good in the first PS game against SD. He's bound to only add good plays to the already experienced hawks LB'rs. I hope he was worth a 4th overall pick, because right now, im not sure.

For Now ill give a prediction:

Matt has Good Year, J. Jones has a great year, not as many injuries leads to more wins, recievers have good year, and defense doesnt give up as many big runs as of right now.

9-7, 1 post season win, eliminated in 2nd round of playoffs.

Guess what guys, ill edit this later, im tired as hell and im gonna go to bed

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Posted on: September 20, 2008 5:56 pm

All things Seahawk

hello, my fellow Seahawks fans, welcome

leave all your predictions, thoughts and favorite seahawks moments here, as well as chat and talk fantasy.

as usual, you will be fived and faved for each and every single one of your posts.

first off, what do you guys think of Koren Robinson and Keary Colbert?

go seahawks

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